Camphor Preparation

1. Concentrated Camphor Water. B.P
Camphor 4 g.
Alcohol (90%) 60 ml.
Water to 100 ml
1 part is equivalent to 40 parts of camphor water. Dose: 0-3 to 1 ml. (5 to 15 minims).

2. Camphor Water (B.P.).
Camphor 1 in 1000 of water.
60 minims of spirit of camphor added to 12 fi. oz. of water gives a solution of approximately the same strength. Dose: 15 to 30 ml. (½ to 1 ft. oz.). U.S.N.F. specifies a saturated solution.

3. Aqua Camphorae (U. S. P.)—Camphor Water.
Camphor 8 Gm.
Alcohol 5 Cc.
precipitated calcium phosphate, 5 Gm.
distilled water, a sufficient quantity to make 1000 Cc.
Triturate the camphor with the alcohol and precipitated calcium phosphate, then with the water gradually added, and filter"—(U. S. P.).
The first trituration with alcohol, by destroying the tenacity with which the particles of camphor adhere together, renders it more readily pulverizable; the second trituration with the calcium salt subdivides it still more finely, so that the water can more readily act upon it, and produce the desired medicated water. The filtration removes the calcium phosphate and excess of camphor from the solution. Ice-cold water will dissolve more camphor than water at the ordinary temperature.

4. Camphorated Syrup of Opium( B.P)
Camphor 46 mg.
anise oil 0.04ml.
benzoic acid 63 mg.
glacial acetic acid 575 ml.
tincture of opium 67 ml.
vinegar of ipecacuanha 25 ml.
vinegar of squill 25 ml.
sucrose 70 g.
solution of burnt sugar 62 ml.
water to 100 ml.
Dose: 2 to 4 ml. (30 to 60 minims).

5. Spirit of Camphor (B.P.C., Ind. P., U.S.N.F.).
Camphor 10% w/v in alcohol (90%).
Dose: 0-3 to 2 ml. (5 to 30 minims).

6. Camphor Elixir.
Spirit of camphor 10
syrup 5
water 1
It mixes and diffuses well in water. Dose: 2 to 4 ml. (30 to 60 minims).

7. Lotion Ammoniacale Camphree
Spirit of camphor (10%) 10
sodium chloride 60
solution of ammonia 60
water to 1000
It is used as a compress for migraine and rheumatism, and for contusions.

8. Ammoniated Liniment of Camphor (B.P.).
Camphor 12-5% w/v
strong solution of ammonia 25% v/v
lavender oil 0-5% v/v
alcohol (90%).
Store in well-closed glass-stoppered bottles.